EmPower Me Recruitment are offering this fantastic opportunity to work in a Children’s Residential Care Home as the Registered Manager. Please see below for more information about the role and the duties included:

Role Purpose:

The Ofsted Registered Manager will provide a warm, safe, homely environment for children to live or stay, that will be fully compliant with the Children’s home regulations 2015 and the Children’s Act 2004 and will ensure that children are given the highest levels of support to aim high and achieve their goals.

The Manager will guide and support a team of staff and partners to ensure that the individual assessed needs of children are met despite any challenges.  Keeping abreast of changing practice and issues at both National and local level to ensure that the service is able to provide the best level of support whilst considering and managing resources effectively, dealing with complex issues and managing risk.

The Manager will liaise closely and adopt a ‘One Council ‘ approach to supporting Hillingdon’s residents.  They will work closely with psychologists, CCG & Police, therapists, YOS, Education and social workers on a daily/weekly basis and ensure that there are well chaired meetings and working groups to deliver the service effectively for children.

Responsible for the day to day operation of the service, managing the premises and staffing in accordance with Health & Safety regulations, Children’s Home  Regulations and LBH/CCG policies and procedures.

Job Description:

  1. Resident & Community Contribution
  • Demonstrate understanding of the Council’s Customer Care Standards and ensure that these standards are met in order to deliver the Council vision of ‘putting our residents first’.
  • Maintain awareness of other resources and facilities throughout the borough developing links with other agencies, departments and establishments with a view to maximising opportunities for services users.
  • Develop and maintain useful and appropriate communication with service users, families and carers by encouraging their interest and participation in the service.
  1. People Management
  • Responsible for the selection, development and performance of the Children’s Home staff team in line with the Council’s HR policies.
  • Ensure all team members receive the appropriate level of communication to maintain engagement with the Council’s vision, priorities and activities and understand the attitude required to meet the needs and rights of service users.
  • Deliver on the job coaching and mentoring for continuous professional improvement.
  • Ensure that practice supervision, group supervision and team development are embedded in the day to day culture of managing the staff team
  • Ensure that safer recruitment practices are in place and that all team members are trained for the role that they are undertaking.
  • Manage, motivate and develop the team, ensuring professional standards in practice are maintained in accordance with statutory and locally agreed standards including.
  • Develop and maintain a regular and effective pattern of individual staff supervision ensuring skills aptitudes, training and experiences are utilised to maximum advantage.
  • Ensure regular performance reviews are conducted for all staff in accordance with the Performance & Development processes.
  • Ensure all aspects of staff development and training are regularly reviewed
  1. Operational Service Delivery
  • Responsible for the efficient management of day to day operation of the services including the management of the buildings and all facilities.
  • Responsible for managing the fabric of the building, the maintenance and the ongoing repairs and improvements as required to meet high standards.
  • Ensure that placement assessments are conducted and thoroughly assessed and risk matched for the overall safety and ambience of the home. Consider places of safety and how this can be best achieved within the environment, whilst complying with the regulations
  • Carry out the regular auditing of the service. Use the action plan from the regulation 33 visits to compile a regulation 44 action plan.
  • Complete the Regulation 45 review and report of the service
  • Direct, support and monitor the performance of the team to deliver improved outcomes to children.
  • Deliver appropriate services respecting diversity and equality, ensuring that needs, wants and aspirations of children are met by a trained and well informed staff group who are able to help children explore diversity and challenge prejudice.
  • Ensure the Admission criteria is clearly defined in the Statement of Purpose and that this is applied and implemented.
  • Ensure every placement is reviewed on a regular basis following the policies and guidelines already established within the department.
  • Provide services that allow for maximum child involvement and choice, respecting their rights, with consideration of re-unification and learning to be independent at the heart of all operational work.
  • Ensure comprehensive records are maintained in respect of all children, staff and the service generally and specifically that records are maintained in line with GDPR and retention guidance.
  • Following council policy, ensure children requiring regular medication receive them in a safe and proper manner, maintain the safe storage and control of all drugs within the services and ensure that a high standard of first aid procedures and practices are maintained.
  • Responsible for maintaining a safe and healthy working environment in line with Health & Safety at Work Act (1974). 
  1. Service Planning & Development
  • Ensure that an annual Team Plan, aligned to the Group / Service Plan(s), is developed, agreed and communicated to team members in a timely manner.
  • Ensure clear Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) are in place where appropriate, covering all aspects of service delivery with performance and response levels, together with the escalation process if SLA’s are not met.
  • Maintain a current service workforce plan including a succession plan for all key roles within own team.
  • Set and review targets, priorities and standards for the service to meet council requirements
  1. Financial & Resource Management
  • Responsible for the effective management of the allocated budget and maintain effective budgetary controls within allocated cash limits.
  • Prepare draft financial estimates as and when required.
  • Use Collaborative Planning tool monthly to monitor, forecast and agree budget spending.
  • Have systems in place for the procurement of goods and services and follow the authorisation process. Have strict controls on spending within the home to ensure full compliance with Council process.
  • Have a clear understanding and control of children’s allowances and follow best practice in ensuring that money is appropriately allocated to a child in an appropriate form, ie. prepaid card, cash or support with spending and budgeting.
  • Ensure that the use of sanctions in relation to pocket money is accurately and clearly recorded in line with regulations.
  • Ensure all purchasing and procurement is conducted in line with the corporate guidelines with appropriate use of the Council’s financial systems.
  • Ensure all workforce expenditure is compliant with corporate guidance and that any temporary resource is purchased through the Council’s agency contracts.
  • Demonstrate cost-consciousness and identify any cost effective changes to own way of working.
  1. Service Improvement
  • Implement continuous monitoring of team and individual performance and productivity to ensure the delivery of the service is maximised, with continuous improvement using the quality outcomes framework from the Ofsted regulations and the monthly regulation 33 inspections and regulation 44 reports..
  • Manage the implementation of improvement initiatives and change programmes using the Council’s Project Management and Service Improvement methodologies.
  1. Contacts
  • Develop, promote and sustain positive and productive working relationships with social workers, psychologists, therapists, CCG, Police, Youth Offending Services, Virtual School, Education and school nursing for LAC.
  • Internal: will be with other officers within Social Care, Adult & Community Learning, Finance, HR, and the wider Council.
  1. Additional Responsibilities
  • Complete other reasonable tasks in order to fulfil role purpose or as required by management.
  • Ensure all Council policies and procedures are complied with at all times, including health & safety/risk management, dignity, choice and control, individuality, equity and confidentiality (GDPR)
  1. Key Performance Indicators
  • Delivery against allocated budgets and MTFF saving targets.
  • Staff performance & productivity metrics.
  • Contributing to delivery of Adult Social Care outcomes framework performance improvements.
  • Ensure the service is aligned with regard to prevention/transformation/SDS agenda.
  • PADA objectives
  • Regulation 44 Action plan outcomes
  • Ofsted inspection outcomes

If you believe that you can provide the necessary skills and knowledge to complete the role, then please apply below.

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