RESPONSIBLE TO:  Senior Managers / Manager/ Deputy manager

DHS Recruitment LTD are seeking a support worker in the Portsmouth area to assist in the creation of a homely environment within the home and to participate in a wide range of activities and training programmes with the people we support. Respect the fact that you are visiting another persons home to carry out your role, abide by the Albany Care GroupPolicies, Procedures, Protocols and take direction from the person in charge of the shift.


1. To share in home making activities with the people we support, helping them to gain skills to promote independence.
2. Arranging and sequencing activities and following direction from shift leading staff or senior staff members that will request you support people throughoutthe day.
Organising resources necessary to accommodate these activities.
3. To carry out daily tasks according to in-house schedules and record all eventsthroughout the day and abide by the written guidelines.
4. To provide opportunities for the people we support to practice existing skills and to develop new useful skills.
5. To accompany the people we support on outings, holidays, dental and hospital appointments, to and from day work placements.
6. To assist the people we support to be actively involved in their care and support plans and tell us how they prefer their needs to be supported.
7. and purchasing of their own clothing personal effects.
8. To work with visiting teaching, medical, psychology, physiotherapy, PBS, and other specialist staff in devising and carrying out joint programmes for the care and training of each service user.
9. To observe, record and report to the Manager the progress/decline of each person supported.
10. Report any complaints by or on behalf of the people we support to the Manager, using the Albany Care Group complaints procedure.
11. To report to the Manager accidents, illness and alleged or witnessed abuse involving the people we support, immediately.
12. To welcome everyones relatives, friends, social contacts, advocates, in a respectful, polite and friendly manner, listen and give relevant information.
13. To read and sign all current Health and Safety documents.
14. To report to the Manager potential hazards in equipment and building in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act.
15. To attend training in accordance with schedules, requirements of the people we support and regulatory requirements.


16. To attend staff meetings as required and to participate in discussions.
17. To participate in in-service training, both in-house and core training curriculum study days.
18. To strictly observe confidentiality rules and adhere to GDPR
19. To report for duty dressed in an appropriate manner, which is suitable for work within the home.
20. To work diligently in the home and to respect the people we work with wishes, so far as it is possible.
21. To promote the home and its work, in the local community.


22. To be prepared to work flexi duties, as requested by the Manager.


23. To be prepared to work night duty as required when the need arises.


24. To ensure that local community facilities are used by the service users for training and recreation purposes.

Pay is starting from £7.60 to £8.20 for under 20 years old and up to £10.10 depending on experience.

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