Our client is looking for Play Worker’s to join their ever growing team around the City of Westminster. If you have the below skills, please apply today.


• Experience of working with children and families whose children have multiple disabilities in a professional capacity.

• Experience of working as part of a team.

• Experience of working with children and families in their own homes an advantage.

• Experience of working in a play/ leisure setting an advantage Skills

• Knowledge of issues relating to learning, sensory and physical disabilities.

• Knowledge and understanding of the needs of children/young people from different cultures, ethic and religious backgrounds and those with disabilities.

• Knowledge and understanding of current legislation and care practices.

• Awareness of Safeguarding Procedures

• Knowledge of Health and Safety issues.

• A command of written and spoken English which is appropriate for the effective performance of the role

• An ability to relate well to children/young people with learning, sensory and physical disabilities.

• Ability to develop an understanding of a young person’s need and how these may be met

• Ability to work in partnership with parents, carers, other professionals and outside agencies.

• Ability to handle financial transactions in accordance with the Financial Regulations

• Ability to organise activities on and off site and encourage active participation of young people.

• Ability to set boundaries and involve children/young people appropriately.

• Ability to use supervision and training opportunities to learn and develop better practice.

• Patience and understanding of the needs of the children/young people with multiple disabilities

• Ability to work in Partnerships with Parents

• develop social, physical, intellectual, creative and emotional skills through play.

What do we expect this role to achieve?

Main Duties and Responsibilities Work with children /Young People:

To contribute to the planning and delivery of a broad programme of play opportunities including sports, games, arts, crafts, activities on site and in the community.

To assist in providing opportunities for the children that are fun, creative and offer the children developmental experiences.

To act as a key worker to a child/family when necessary (time limited)

To supervise and deliver activities both on site and of site in the community.

To be able to work either early morning, day, evening and weekends as needed

To provide personal care

To listen to children, identify their needs and respond appropriately

To ensure the health and safety of those in their care

To monitor and evaluate activities within a quality framework including report writing If needed to visit the family in the Family home.

To assist with transporting the child to and from the centre acting as a PA on the Mini bus or part of a walking Bus Work with Parents/carers, staff and other Agencies.

To work with other professionals (OT, physio, SALT and Social Workers) supporting programs designed to enhance the child or young person’s development and wellbeing.

To liaise with parents about their children and advise them of any significant events or issues arising during the period of care.

To work as Team.

To attend any relevant meetings regarding the children

To work on Family Days/ Sibling Days/Family Trip out Days and other activities organised by the Service as needed

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