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We specialise in: Live in Care, Personal Care, Specialist Care, End of Life Care.
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What we do?

Giving more control and transparency to our service users

Personal care

Our care packages are completely personalised in line with your requirements, and are designed with as much or as little input from yourself and your family members as you choose.

Specialist care

We recognise that every person we support is unique with differing care needs, and that specialist care services are required to focus and achieve the best outcomes for those who have particular care requirements.

Learning Disability

Our carers are highly trained and have an extensive knowledge of many different areas of learning disability. These include: behaviours that challenge; autistic spectrum disorders; complex health needs; communication difficulties; sensory impairment.

Reablement Care

Sometimes people just need a short-term package of care. Whether it is to support you during a short period of illness, helping you to get back on your feet following an operation, or even to help build your confidence after a fall. We can design a highly personalised care programme to reable you or your loved back to full health and independence

Live-in Care

Our Live-In care team are trained and have a wealth of experience in nursing care. We regularly work alongside local nursing teams to ensure our service users receive the highest quality of care and a continued service making the transition from hospital to home seamless. Our Live-In services can be long-term or short- term if you have loved ones going on holiday, or you are recuperating from an illness.

End of Life Care

Our dedicated End of Life Care teams are specially trained to support those with terminal conditions, and work closely with the relevant health care professionals to ensure you receive the best possible care.
We ensure a small team of care staff provide compassionate end of life support that is tailored to the individual needs of our customers and their families

Dementia Care

Dementia can be a challenging condition to live with whether you are the person with the condition or if you care for someone who has it. Every day is different and the care and support required can vary dramatically from day-to-day. In addition to this, caring for someone with dementia requires specialist communication, behavioural skills and routine to ensure identity is maintained and dignity preserved.

Respite Care

Respite at EmPower Me Recruitment is tailored to your care needs, whether it’s just a few days’ rest, post-surgery recuperation or a longer-term stay, our specialist team will prepare a respite care plan that works for you and your family.

Domiciliary Care

Flexible, detailed and meticulous, domiciliary care at EmPower Me Recruitment offers service users custom-made, consistent levels of care and lifestyle services in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes.
The regular, dedicated support of our specially trained carers follows tailor-made medical, practical and lifestyle recommendations based on a detailed care and lifestyle assessment.

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